Croatia Slideshows

For a short time I made simple slideshows using IPhoto on my Mac. Our trip to Croatia was during that time, so naturally I used photos from that journey to experiment with this new creative tool. Here are the results.

details – A meditation on the weathered, patina of old world development, with a style and charm all it’s own. It’s all in the details.

damagedone – Images from the War monument in Karlovac, Croatia set to the Neil Young classic. As an American, I grew up with no direct, and  very little indirect knowledge of war. Only text book accounts and media reports written mostly by the victors and often sold as a necessary evil. Our trip through Croatia turned unexpectedly powerful and emotional as we left the freeway and started through a valley that runs along the border with Serbia. The evidence of the bloody upheaval was left on buildings that “survived”.

We stopped at the monument on our way back from our week on the Island of Brac. I found that driving through the war torn valley twice in a week gives you a new sense of the cost of war. When I saw the artillery with the it’s long barrels displayed along with the building damaged by similar weapons from the other side, the Neil’s line “I’ve scene the needle and the damage done” came to mind. Helping me understand that war is an addiction that we as a race are prone to, one that I fear we will forever struggle to break it’s grip. One that has claimed far too many innocent lives.

split A gem along the Dalmatian Coast, a growing tourist destination with centuries of history, Mediterranean climate. We enjoyed shopping in the bazaar just outside the old fortress walls, touched a giant’s toe for luck and climbed the church tower to get a bird’s eye view of the area.

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